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Started in 1990, by C V Das and his spouse Asha Das, Daswear global was established with a decent capital in Tripur region of Coimbatore. It has been three decades today since its establishment and the company is well known for the exports of knitted garments, particularly in the Scandinavian region.

With SA 8000 audited factories, they maintain a well-organized work place and manufacture highly sustainable products. In addition to this they have also been certified for sustainable manufacturing with GOTS and with OEKO Tex for no usage of chemical products. For online retail of the former products, Daswear Global is the new company incorporated.

  • ClientCV Devadas
  • IndustryFashion & Lifestyle
  • ServicesIdentity Design, Logo and Branding
Logo Design
Behind the Logo

While we were designing this logo our initial pursuit was to give the label an international premium touch owing to the fact that the client majorly indulges in exports in Scandinavian regions – Consequently giving justice to the word global in its brand name. Also we had to design logo for its sister brand, Good Stitch. With the latter we had to ensure building up the logo in such a way that it is easily identified as a product of its parent company Daswear Global.

The Logo Reflection

The brand logo highlights its initial, with a thread running inside the alphabet D. The thread was used to infer that the brand is into clothing section. The leaf at the end of the thread denotes the eco friendliness with which its factories are operated and the products are manufactured.

We used Serif font to give the logo a sharp touch. Over and above the logo, the color was deliberately chosen blue for the fact that blue symbolizes trust and gives a veteran look to the brand. The other reason to use blue was it being a manifestation shade for clothe since ages.

The logo Link

Connecting the label of Good Stitch to DasWear was unique for this portfolio. We had to pass on the legacy and hence the thread closing with a leaf common in Good Stitch was made

Brand Communication

For Daswear global the stalwart was the environment friendly manner in which they are operating their manufacturing process. The leaf common to both the brands was thus chosen to give a clear understanding of the brand in the minds of the viewers.

An ecofriendly firm is always appreciated this would result into enriching the brand image of Daswear and increase their top line as well. Thus in good stitch the minute touch of leaf was adapted.

Color Tones

Our words Daswear are inscribed in shades that belong to one family color – Blue. With only two shades, it tends to give a veteran image to label

In case of Good Stitch, the logo was designed such that it is adaptable to different backgrounds and is pretty much malleable as the need arises.

I had a nice experience working with Gunjan and Identity Makers. They have good idea of things and do a great job. They are never tired of working again and again to satisfy you in the end.

CV Devadas
Defining the Identity of a sub-brand

Passing inheritances with our designs

We kept the thread closing with a leaf common with Good Stitch as well. It was for the whole sake of positioning the brand as sustainable.  In addition to it the typography was also similar to the parent brand logo – thus aligning the trust and brand value of parent company.

Daswear Global Chordya - A Branding Company
Daswear Global Chordya - A Branding Company
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