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Yoga . Meditation . Retreat

The word Hith finds its existence in the roots of Sanskrit language which means to be good or benevolent. Hith Yoga as the name suggests is on the similar lines that teaches Yoga for one’s own well being with the mission being of directing people towards living a happy and a healthy life.

A Delhi – based firm, Hith Yoga focuses on providing a unique and customized solutions for its client and thus fulfilling their needs to the optimum. Hith Yoga organizes one of the best yoga retreats in the city. With various organizational tie ups, it specializes in guiding employee behavior as well.

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  • ClientHitanshi Kothari
  • IndustryYoga & Meditation
  • ServicesIdentity Design, Logo and Branding
Logo Design
Behind the Logo

Hith Yoga has high end spectrum of the society as their target audience. Also with frequent organizational tie ups, their client base gets more down to the premium range. Thus considering their target audience, we went for a logo that was refined and gives the brand a correct positioning in the minds of the audience. After numerous briefings with our client Ms. Hitanshi Kothari, and taking into account the aforementioned customer base of Hith Yoga, we came up with this logo.

The Logo Refection

We took resort to an orange shaded wave drawn up with one single stroke and beneath it inscribed the words – Hith Yoga in the sans – serif font. The font was typically selected to adjoin the supremacy of the brand. The wave structure indicates the life cycle of a person – something that is full of turmoil and commotion. Hith Yoga written under the wave symbolizes that in this cycle we are here to hold your hand and guide you towards your real potential. The orange tone demarcates spirituality associated with Yoga – radiating warmth and energy to the soul. The blue shade depicts tranquility and calmness that Hith Yoga brings to one’s life.

Conceptual Design

Since Yoga is connected with the spiritual & personal wellbeing, representing it with the logo was of utmost importance. The wave is a metaphor to life & its adventures. Hith Yoga provides that balance to the life’s roller coaster & avails an individual self-healing power.

Brand Communications

The logo is kept subtle and yet tempting with the orange tone. It communicates the unrealized capability of a person that Hith Yoga would help to realize.

Conceptual Design

Every stroke, every color, even the typography carries a meaning.

Helped us in making our company a brand, best designers in Delhi.

Hitanshi Kothari
Stationery Design

Furnishing the brand with our Subtle Shots

Considering the organization background, the business card should deliver the wellbeing purpose with utmost excellence. The elegance of yoga is embark upon the card by sharply engraving the words Hith Yoga on a perfect white background.

Hith Yoga Chordya - A Branding Company
Hith Yoga Chordya - A Branding Company
Hith Yoga Chordya - A Branding Company
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