LabelTub deals into men’s grooming products and men’s fashion. Based out of Bangalore, India LabelTub avails subscription based service to its clients. Folks can usually personalize their choices on a monthly basis and the same would be delivered by the firm.

  • ClientSavith Kumar
  • IndustryLifestyle
  • ServicesIdentity Design, Logo and Branding, Package Design
Logo Design
Behind the Logo

With this piece of work, we had to ensure that our client’s offering field – men’s lifestyle products is depicted minutely by our design. Also we had to fit the initials of L and T to get the brand more call back from its audience. Our client provides need based products to their customers – thus is into a typically niche premium segment. We had to ensure the same being reflected in our label structure.

The Logo Reflection

L and T are placed such that they together make a cube – indicating a box that fulfills all your wishes. Primarily we went for a black shade so as to give the viewers a hint of brand which deals in men’s products. Another aspect that was unique to this particular label was its malleability. The logo was designed such that it can typically fit in sundry shades of blue, green or brown. Also on the periphery we have replicated a colossal version of the negative space that was created between L and T.

The Cube Planting

LabelTub customarily sends the preferred products of their clients in a box. Adding a cube in the logo that was built with their initials was unconventional. Thus creating a logo which depicts your selling means was unique to this design

The Negative Space

In here, due to usage of black and white pigment the figure that was created due to negative space, was replicated on the rims of the cube as a part of the branding strategy.

Multiple Shades

One of the significant advantages that we had was the adaptability to different shades. Reasons? One, packaging is a major point of sale in such industry. Second the color gets align with the product inside it thus making the package more attractive for buyers.

Review Awaited

Savith Kumar
A Bilingual Logo Concept

It's all about beautiful experiences.

We replicated the logo design on the card’s front side to increase the brand recall value probability. Behind, we got the contact information printed. The card was made look synonymous to its label so that the linkage is captured easily.

Labeltub Chordya - A Branding Company
Labeltub Chordya - A Branding Company
Labeltub Chordya - A Branding Company
Labeltub Chordya - A Branding Company
Labeltub Chordya - A Branding Company
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