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Fashion designers based out of Chennai, Lopa Design Studio primarily customizes the outfits on the basis of client’s requirements and combines the same with the studio artists’ creativity. They are also into retailing their exclusive apparels under their own label of Lopa Design Studio.

  • ClientKrithika Devi
  • IndustryFashion & Lifestyle
  • ServicesIdentity Design, Logo and Branding
Logo Design
Behind the Logo

Since it was a design studio and not any typical manufacturer or retailers of apparels, differentiating the former with the latter was the initial quest that we were taking care of. The logo should not only reflect the competent standard of the label but its unconventionality as well.

The Logo Reflection

The logo starts with a mannequin in a female outfit with some sharp dress cuts. The client is engaged in tailor made dresses for their customers and hence an intimate touch was given to the dummy with the varied strokes. To increase the sophistication we got the mannequin covered by the dress wall. Beneath are the words Lopa inscribed in a golden hue with a script font type.

The Mannequin

Pretty much exceptional to this client, we thought of getting a classic dummy into the logo to increase sophistication of the logo. The studio dealing majorly in personalized designed outfits, the dummy indicates the studio as your own personal designer.


Right from the dress wall around the mannequin, to the golden shades, to the crafty script typography it was all integrated to align the logo with brand’s contemporary and classic offerings.


Lopa design studio being into personalized outfits, an image of it being friendly to their clients was supposed to be reflected in the logo, yet ensuring to keep up with its subtleness. Thus we took resort to our script font type to display its cordial and harmonious side.

Helped us in making our company a brand, best designers in Delhi.

Hitanshi Kothari
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