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PicFoods is a Uganda based company – sister firm of the well-known PicFare group. With PicFoods, the group has entered into a complete new segment of confectionary products – primarily into chewing gums, lollipops and candies.

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  • ClientRavi Thakrar
  • IndustryConfectionery Products
  • ServicesIdentity Design, Logo and Branding, Packaging
Logo Design
Behind the Logo

PicFoods being the sister concern of the distinguished PicFare group, we had to make sure that the trust and credibility of the latter is followed and imbibed upon. We studied the logo of PicFare too and then designed for PicFoods. The word Pic stands apart across all the verticals of the group and hence we chose to focus on that particular word. Also, we retained the oval shape of the parent company in our logo design. The above two choices were made with just one simple reasoning – to make the audience connect to the newest business segment with the parent company’s brand as effortlessly as possible.

The Logo Reflection

We inherited the oval shape of the parent company and drew the two synonymous ends to the logo, just like a chocolate packaging. The color of the logo is open to change with respect to the packaging of the candies in which it is used.  Thus our intention of identifying the company product by the audience, at the sheer instance of looking at the logo is fulfilled. The monochromatic color pattern was chosen so as to give it a subtle but yet a crafty look.

Imbibing the Parent Company brand

With the word Pic being made stood out through a line differentiator & holding upon the oval shape, we made sure that the brand trust is built with stark ease – by way of aligning itself as a part of the PicFare group.

Brand Communications

Presenting the logo by way of a candy was to ensure that customers are able to gauge about our client being in confectionary industry. Making their presence felt was required more than anything else.


Keeping in mind the varied packaging that the client may have to resort owing to the their industry, we had to make an adjustable logo, that was a pretty much go to with oddly any kind of packaging, size and color.

``Waiting for their review``

Ravi Thakrar
Stationery Design

Binding brands with eloquent designs.

Keeping up with the effortless design, the front of the card contained plainly the logo of the brand. While at the back, we got the logo watermarked in the background with relevant details of the client.

Picfoods Chordya - A Branding Company
Picfoods Chordya - A Branding Company
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