Sringam is inspired from a Hindi word, Shrungar which means to beautify oneself. The word is used specifically for women wherein they get themselves decked upon with all gorgeous clothes and accessories. On similar lines, Sringam too aims to adorn the women with its outfits. It aims to make women not just look smart and fashionable but to make them feel confident as well.

Sringam Enterprises are primarily manufacturers, wholesalers and suppliers of women outfits. Sringam is like a one stop station for all Indian apparel needs. Right from your party outfits to your casual elegant looks, Sringam has it all covered for you.

  • ClientShubham Maheshwari
  • IndustryFashion
  • ServicesIdentity Design, Logo and Branding, Package Design
Logo Design
Behind the Logo

Sringam is dealing only in women outfits and we thought it had to be reflected in the logo, to avoid any misconception in the minds of the viewers. Also we had to consider the niche offering of women outfits that the client is into – Indian Traditionals. Sringam makes its sales majorly through online e – commerce sites. Thus the task was to create a logo that not only provides Sringam with a competitive edge, but also lures the customer in the very first instance to the brand.

The Logo Reflection

We designed S with white font shade, surrounded by the standard blue– pink background tints. The word ‘S’, that stands for Sringam is placed inside a diamond shape. The diamond shape demarcates that a women in Sringam clothes would look absolute flawless and stunning as a diamond. Beneath the diamond, we drew a four petal flower. The flower petal illustrates femininity thus confirming its offerings to only women. Post which the words: Sringam are inscribed.

The Pink tinge gives a feminine touch to the brand. Also Pink is considered to be a cheerful light hearted shade. Blue on the other hand is for creativity, calmness and trust. Thus all in all, the color code was combined for signifying a novel unique brand that women trust.

The Color Code

Throughout the logo, we have kept just two colors: Blue and Pink. The colors gave us the best personification for Sringam. One with its playfulness and other with its serene and yet impactful shade gave the logo a perfect branding stroke

The Diamond Contour

We went with a diamond shape for this logo for getting an assertive look for viewers. The diamond after a lot of deliberation was chosen for its eminence properties and other for its perfect fit of S.

Conceptual Design

Throughout the logo we focused upon retaining the feminine part of the brand and thus worked for combining the most trivial aspects, be it the colors, the flower petal or the diamond shape.

Excellent services and it was great working with Gunjan. Will definitely consider to work again and again. Keep up the good work.

Shubham Maheshwari
Stationery Design

Adorning thoughts since inception.

A perfect miniature of the logo was passed on with the card design. The card was thus made keeping the organization’s theme and its customers in mind so as to deliver the desired message.

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