The Masala Potli

Quick Service Restaurant

A Delhi based quick restaurant service, TMP is known for its all delicious and spicy food offerings.

  • ClientGaurav Talwar
  • IndustryQuick Service Restaurant
  • ServicesIdentity Design, Logo and Branding, Packaging
Logo Design
Behind the Logo

The client being into food chain business it was a challenge to design a logo that was relatable with the Delhi audience and yet stood different amongst the myriad of industry competitors. Thus the task was to create a logo that was simple, yet profound enough to be differentiated between the fellow quick bites retail outlets.

The Logo Reflection

Primarily, the logo is set down in a black color font, barring to the word masala which is written in red color. The font type makes the logo more radiant due to its crafty looks. Besides the logo a small potli (bag) is drawn with a chilly in it. The chilly inside the bag, the word masala scribbled in red color the red knot of the bag– all of them were used to convey the spicy food that it serves and thus exhibit a typical spicy savory look to the restaurant.

Color Code

The yellow shade when fused with red hues not only excites hunger of an individual but also characterizes enthusiasm and happiness. Also, the red shade was used to add give the logo a tangy hot flavor.


We drew a potli (bag) with a trailing fork besides the brand name itself, to simplify the brand recognition. The thought process was to convey all the masala, hot-spicy food that the brand has underneath its potli.

Brand Communications

Throughout the designing process of the logo, we wanted the client’s strong suit, of serving the best spicy food to be reflected all around the logo. Hence the typography, shade, the potli, the red tints were synchronized.

``Waiting for their review``

Gaurav Talwar
Menu Card Design

A journey of multiple iterations for building one solid identity.

With a food offering service, the menu card should look tempting in the first gaze. The red highlights with yellow and white background were used to arouse hunger of the folks and gets easily related with the brand

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