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Veer signifies someone who is courageous and heroic. Laying this literal meaning ahead, the organizations aims to bring upon a difference in the society. And as their tagline says: With You, For You! Be a Veer! It urges us to be a Veer, and contribute for the societal wellbeing.

Started in collaboration with Being Human Foundation, Veer Foundation focuses on improvising Education, Health, Women empowerment and Livelihood of the under privileged members of the society, focusing fundamentally on the well being and rights of every child and women.

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  • ClientVaibhav Yadav
  • IndustryNGO
  • ServicesIdentity Design, Logo and Branding
Logo Design
Behind the logo

The logo of the Veer Foundation was the result of numerous inputs of our client Mr. Vaibhav Yadav, an intense thought process of justifying the very cause of the establishment of the foundation and further portraying the mission and values of the Veer Foundation.

The Logo Reflection

V and R are scrawled by one common stroke and underneath which are the two E’s are adjoined. The V and R portrays the man and woman of the society coming together (indicated via same stroke) and helping the ones in need (depicted by the two E’s).  The orange circle depicts the rising sun – that what lies ahead is bright and beautiful. The logo in all encapsulates the motto of the Veer Foundation: To be Brave, work in collaboration – work for the greater good and thus grow together by fostering the needs of the under privileged.

The blue shades represent the warmth and faith, while the green tints represent the freshness and growth in harmony. The orange rings symbolize hope – motivation and success.

Bilingual Logo

Veer Foundation is operating in vivid parts of the country. Thus to make it more inclusive, relatable thus give the brand a comprehensive touch, we made the design in the colloquial language of India.

Brand Communications

Veer Foundation being an NGO – a noble feeling should encompass within the reader, leaving him with decent hints of the purpose of the foundation. Thus the use of a common color that represents the society – lending shade to the ones in dire need.


The typography shows two E’s loosely formed – citing the poor conditions of the deprived section. Wherein the V and R are placed above with a conjoined stroke, are coming together and working for the wellbeing of the community.

Totally enjoyed the design process and the result.

Vaibhav Yadav
A Bilingual Logo Concept

We tread extra miles for our client’s contentment.

To increase the reach of the foundation, we constructed the logo in Hindi Language as well. With this, the Indian connect is readily made and folks are more willing to know about the foundation and its purpose.

Veer Foundation Chordya - A Branding Company
Veer Foundation Chordya - A Branding Company
Veer Foundation Chordya - A Branding Company
Veer Foundation Chordya - A Branding Company
Veer Foundation Chordya - A Branding Company
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